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Affilae Review – Affordable Affiliate Marketing for Startups

In a our previous guide we looked at what an affiliate program is and how it can help provide a massive boost to your websites traffic and sales conversions.

We discussed the huge growth potential but also highlighted the high costs involved in signing up to some of the main affiliate networks in the UK.


In this post, we are pleased to introduce Affilae, an affiliate network platform helping subscription based startups launch their own affiliate programs without the expensive of upfront costs and ongoing transaction fees.

​To help find out exactly what you can expect from the Affilae platform , we invited two current UK subscription box startups to test out the service , but before we find out how they get on lets tell you a bit more about Affilae and what they offer :

​Who are Affilae?

Affilae is an online platform that allows startups to create their own affiliate programs with no setup costs and no per transaction fees. Based in Paris, Affilae have been helping a large number of subscription based startups grow across Europe and as a result of this success are now looking to expand into the UK.

​How does it work?

​As a business owner, simply signup and the team at Affilea will create your own dedicated affiliate program and help you install tracking codes into your website and shopping cart. Once setup, you will then have access to your own dashboard to see how many affiliates have joined your program and how many sales they have passed your way.

The Affilae Dashboard

Connect with Bloggers for exposure

​Bloggers, publishers and online influencers interested in earning referral commission from you for recommendations can simply apply to your program via the Affilea website, Affilae handle all this for you, providing each blogger you approve with a unique link to use when mentioning your brand to track any sales.

​At the end of every month, you can generate a detailed report to show how many sales your bloggers have generated and how much commission you need to pay each one. Regardless of how many sales they generate, you only pay Affilae the set monthly fee.

How much is Affilae?

​Prices start from just £49 per month for the standard plan to get you up and running. This allows upto 70k clicks a month, which is more than enough for most startups. Increased plans that allow more clicks such as the Pro for £99 and Premium for £249 gets you upto 300k clicks and also includes additional level of support and a custom tracking domain.

Bonus Partner Deal : If you're thinking of signing up be sure to mention Subscription Radar to claim your extended free trial period and bonus exposure boost, which we explain more at the bottom of this post.​

Case Study with Gym Crate and Cocoa & Roast Club

To help test out the Affilae platform we invited two subscription based startup founders, Paul from Cocoa & Roast and James from GymCrate to signup to see what they thought of the platform and level of service. Both founders had been looking into launching an affiliate program to help grow their businesses, here's what they thought :

Why did you want your own affiliate program?

James : We believe that affiliate programs offer a better incentive than running normal adverts. It allows bloggers/websites/youtubers an easier way of monetising their content, while at the send time allowing us to receive focused traffic. Before we ran broad adverts across multiple websites, but the traffic we received was not always focused or useful. We also feel that paying affiliates on a successful purchase again means money well spent.

Paul : To help us drive traffic to the website and to help spread brand awareness. Ideally the traffic coming from affiliate sites would be people that are already interested in the product.

What has prevented you from setting up an affiliate program before now?

James : The high start-up costs have prevented us before.

Paul : A combination of lack of knowledge and not enough time to learn how to do it properly. Also the complication of not having a central programme to manage all of the affiliates...something that Affilae solves

​How long did it take to get setup with Affilae?

James : Around 1 - 2 days in total, the documentation allowed us to set up everything up within a day, but required a little extra help on the testing.

Paul : ​About a week. I had a webinar with the guys from Affilae and they showed me what needed to be set up to create our profile. We then had a few teething problems getting the tracking script onto the website...but they offered great support throughout the whole process.

​Could you briefly explain the signup process?

James : We read through the documentation, and installed the code and trackers ourselves. Affilae offered help while testing and helped us ensure that the pixel trackers where added to the correct pages and domain (due to how our checkout is hosted).

Paul : We had a webinar. We then went away and decided on our programme details and completed the set up. We added the tracking script, but Afilae needed to install the conversion script. We did some testing and then started adding and inviting affiliates.

​What are your next steps with your new affiliate program?

James : We are currently in the process of inviting bloggers and reviewing a number of websites who offer subscription box reviews.

Paul : Continue looking for bloggers and affiliates to join our programme. This has been somewhat harder then expected.

​Any other general feedback on Affilae?

James : Very helpful group of people who went out their way to read the CMS documentation to ensure that our pixel was installed correctly. Could not fault them at all.

Paul : Great customer service. Some of the sections in the set up are not particularly clear especially to a new user. I think some info boxes next to each section to guide the user would be useful. Once you get used to navigating around the interface is very simple to use.


A big thank you to both James and Paul for taking the time to feedback their thoughts and great to hear that both are up and running with their new affiliate programs.

Looking through the comments, its showcases the level of support on offer from Affilae, the signup process sounds fairly painless and we're also pleased to announce that the first few conversions have started trickling through for them.

​In addition to the Q&A above we openly discussed a few additional areas when planning the case study as follows :

​Does Affilae provide bloggers and publishers for you?

​Yes, but this is an additional paid service. Generally most affiliate programs don't offer this either, its really upto you to invite and attract your own bloggers from your own niche areas.

For example adding "Become an Affiliate" link on your website is a good starting point, then you should search social media for the most influential profiles and invite them directly, with the incentive of a free box/trial to review.

The big affiliate networks may have 1000's of bloggers already signed up, but this is a complete mixed bag of publishers, its much more effective to be proactive and hunt down the bloggers that really fit your market.

​Overall Summary

​If you haven't yet got an affiliate program in place then your missing out on the huge potential of bloggers and social influencer's recommending your business to their loyal fans and followers.

​This model is by far the most cost effective approach to online advertising and is the goto method used by the world's most successful subscription based companies.

Affilae allows you to see the benefits yourself without the need to outlay any setup costs, providing you with your own affiliate program at an affordable price.

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Joining Affilae now through our partnership allows you to develop your affiliate program with additional bonus support from both of us.

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