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Cocoa & Roast Club Review

This review checks out a new UK startup The Cocoa & Roast Club, who have built on the concept of a fresh coffee subscription by adding artisan chocolate bars into their monthly discovery box. We take a look inside the launch box to see how it rates for value and overall experience.


What is Cocoa & Roast Club?


Every month the team at Cocoa & Roast Club source the finest artisan coffee and match it with niche, luxury chocolate from exclusive UK chocolatiers and independent coffee micro-roasters then ship it out to subscribers in a presentation box.

How Much is Cocoa Roast?

£19.99 for a rolling monthly subscription. Once you've tried it out for a few months you can save money by pre-paying for a 3, 6 or 12 months. Use discount code RADAR10 for 10% off your first box

Whats in the Box?

Subscribers receive a 250g pouch of freshly ground coffee with two types of chocolate, hand selected as a match to compliment the flavours and tones of the coffee.


The Cocoa


The launch box we received contained 2 large 80g bars of exceptional chocolate from artisan craft chocolatiers The Chocolate Tree. Co-Founders Alastair & Friederike Gower are currently the only bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Edinburgh and have been selling their handmade award winning chocolate from their boutique store since 2009.

Tasting Table at The Chocolate Tree

​Created in small batches from using premium heritage cacao from Madagascar, Peru and Venezuela, The Chocolate Tree are open and transparent with both their ingredients and methods allowing customers to view and connect with their bean to bar experience from start to finish.

The Roast

To accompany the chocolate and selected for its complimentary flavour was a pouch of coarse ground coffee ready for our cafetiere direct from MicroRoastery Coffee.


Based in Canterbury, MicroRoastery are a small independent coffee house and roastery who only use high grade 80+ arabica coffee beans and roast them on-site in small 2kg batches to guarantee high quality fresh coffee.

Overall Summary

Cocoa Roast have taken the winning combination of fine coffee and chocolate and taken it to another level by sourcing truly exceptional quality products and delivering it direct to your door. 

In terms of value the chocolate alone would cost your £14.95 delivered f​rom The Chocolate Tree, then the coffee from £8.50, totaling £23.45 worth of items for the £19.99 you pay. 

The real value though is in the service, which picks and matches the coffee and chocolate for you, allowing you to connect and taste exciting new flavours from independent suppliers without the hassle of hunting them down yourself. 

Cocoa Roast is a new startup subscription itself, so it will be interesting to see how the service evolves. If the launch box is anything to go by then subscribers will not be disappointed and we look forward to seeing which chocolate makers and coffee roasters feature in future boxes.

Discount Code

Use discount code RADAR10 for 10% off your first Cocoa & Roast Club box​.

Behind the Scenes Feature


For more information about the Cocoa Roast Club and the team behind the service check out our Startup of the Month feature which also contains a feature post from Cocoa Roast Club Co-Founder ​Paul Scott on how he created the business.

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